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Apr 1 Knife Skills , Confident Cooking 101
  7 April in Paris ! with Francois Picard of DeBuyer
  8 Cheesemaking …..Whey Fun…
  13 Spring Kitchen ! Cooking Up Springtime with Chefs Erin and Patrick
  18 Raghavan Iyer Returns with Smashed, mashed, boiled, and baked…and fried too!
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Shun, manufactured in Seko Japan by KAI is a stunning and beautiful breed of kitchen cutlery. Each Shun Classic knife features the look and benefits of Damascus steel, without its rusting problems. The Damascus-look blade profile reduces sticking and results in less food damage and faster food prep. Features a beautiful all natural Pakkawood handle, treated with resin to a waterproof finish!
Cook’s Pots & Tabletops is proud to feature the Shun Classic line, as well as the Ken Onion designer series, and select Shun Elite and Shun Pro Series knives and sets.

3-1/2 inch Paring

6-inch Utility
6-inch Gokujo, boning

3-1/2-inch Angled Vegetable

4-inch Angled Paring
6-inch Angled Santuko

Angled 6-inch Chef's

6-inch U2 All Purpose
8-inch Chef's

8-inch Chef's,
Hollow Ground

7-inch Santuko
7-inch Santuko,
Hollow Ground

4-1/2 inch Chef's

4-1/2 inch Chef's, Elite
8-inch Chef's Elite

5-1/2 inch Honesuki, Elite

7-inch Santuko, Elite
9-inch Bread Knife

8-1/2 inch Offset Bread

7-3/4 inch Chinese Chef Knife
9-1/2 inch Yanagiba (sushi)

6-1/2 inch Nakiri Knife

6-1/2 inch Deba
9-inch Slicing Knife

Sharpening Steel

Ken Onion 8 inch Chef's
7 pc. Shun Block Set

3 pc. Shun Box Set

Shun Electric Sharpener
Shun Knife Covers, Assorted sizes
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